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I post about my life, my friends, family, and the most random things I could think of. I'm a HUGE fan girl and my posts will contain plenty of typos and CAPSLOCK ABUSE. Sometimes there will be emotional and depressing entries when I'm down and feeling shitty. I can be very shameless or very private and personal. I am also a very opinionated person and I always stick to what I believe the most and I do not care what others think of me. I do not hold back as well, and everything depends on my mood. I'm a Twitter addict so you should be able to spot me there more often if compared to Livejournal. :)

I can be absent at a certain period - meaning: hiatus - due to real life and mostly because of my studies or personal issues, I can be really random and sudden, or I can be the most crappy person on earth. If you have low tolerance with a very hot-tempered, annoying, noisy, pervert, extremely fickle, ignorant, and crazy human being like me, do not add me. ♥ But DO NOT ADD ME FIRST! Try your luck & wait for my respond. NO LURKERS. Serious adders only please!


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Hey all! How do you do! :)

Just saying hi and I'm still alive. Though I'm still not ready to come back to LJ as a whole yet, especially the graphics making part. But I will return one day! I can see it! (LOL) Anyways, I hope everyone's doing great!

As for me.. well it's been kinda messed up(mentally haha) - not surprising, still in college, I have about 1 year and 4 months left - provided if I don't fail again. Yes I failed a subject previous semester because I fucked up, got depressed somehow, and now I'm repeating this subject. So far it feels better because not only it's a smaller class just for repeat students, the lecturer is more helpful than ever, and I can see myself improving a little(of course! I'm a repeat student afterall LOL). Got quite a big compliment last week :P

So, I've gotta run again now. Later! :3

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