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SHIZUKA. Twenty. ♈ Aries baby. Fan girl at ♥. Fujoshi. Asian. Dreamy Idealist. INTP - The Engineer. Super friendly. Dreams big. Smiles. PROUD SIXTH GUN. Uruha is forever her bias ♥. Aoiha fangirl. Introverted. Brutally honest. Pervert. Insane. Weird. Funny. Possessive. Loyal. Random. CAPSLOCK ABUSE. Loves graphic design. Blunt. Music is my life. Jrock/Jpop addict. BL/Yaoi is my DRUG. Animanga. Carnivore. Hot-tempered. Photoshop is my best friend. LOVES Gothic. Skulls are my favorite. Rockstar. ♥ 日本語. Sadist. A listener. More?
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I post about my life, my friends, family, and the most random things I could think of. I'm a HUGE fan girl and my posts will contain plenty of typos and CAPSLOCK ABUSE. Sometimes there will be emotional and depressing entries when I'm down and feeling shitty. I can be very shameless or very private and personal. I am also a very opinionated person and I always stick to what I believe the most and I do not care what others think of me. I do not hold back as well, and everything depends on my mood. I'm a Twitter addict so you should be able to spot me there more often if compared to Livejournal. :)

I can be absent at a certain period - meaning: hiatus - due to real life and mostly because of my studies or personal issues, I can be really random and sudden, or I can be the most crappy person on earth. If you have low tolerance with a very hot-tempered, annoying, noisy, pervert, extremely fickle, ignorant, and crazy human being like me, do not add me. ♥ But DO NOT ADD ME FIRST! Try your luck & wait for my respond. NO LURKERS. Serious adders only please!


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Wow... Just wow. I don't even know where to begin. I'm surprised some of you are still keeping as a friend here. I have no idea why I'm posting this either. Maybe I missed Livejournal a bit. Unfortunately I'm not ready to even come back yet, especially not coming back to design yet. :\ But probably just a place to blog. Speaking of blogging, I can't even keep up with it either. #isuck There's just too many to think about at the moment.

How's everyone? Right now I've just completed my work for the day and I'm about to sleep soon.

Wow, just wow. Looking at voidspellsVindictus</b>. &heart;

Anyway, I'm so tired I'm gonna get ready to bed soon. See ya!

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