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I post about my life, my friends, family, and the most random things I could think of. I'm a HUGE fan girl and my posts will contain plenty of typos and CAPSLOCK ABUSE. Sometimes there will be emotional and depressing entries when I'm down and feeling shitty. I can be very shameless or very private and personal. I am also a very opinionated person and I always stick to what I believe the most and I do not care what others think of me. I do not hold back as well, and everything depends on my mood. I'm a Twitter addict so you should be able to spot me there more often if compared to Livejournal. :)

I can be absent at a certain period - meaning: hiatus - due to real life and mostly because of my studies or personal issues, I can be really random and sudden, or I can be the most crappy person on earth. If you have low tolerance with a very hot-tempered, annoying, noisy, pervert, extremely fickle, ignorant, and crazy human being like me, do not add me. ♥ But DO NOT ADD ME FIRST! Try your luck & wait for my respond. NO LURKERS. Serious adders only please!

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Wow... Just wow. I don't even know where to begin. I'm surprised some of you are still keeping as a friend here. I have no idea why I'm posting this either. Maybe I missed Livejournal a bit. Unfortunately I'm not ready to even come back yet, especially not coming back to design yet. :\ But probably just a place to blog. Speaking of blogging, I can't even keep up with it either. #isuck There's just too many to think about at the moment.

How's everyone? Right now I've just completed my work for the day and I'm about to sleep soon.

Wow, just wow. Looking at voidspellsVindictus</b>. &heart;

Anyway, I'm so tired I'm gonna get ready to bed soon. See ya!
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929• Dropping by.

Hey all! How do you do! :)

Just saying hi and I'm still alive. Though I'm still not ready to come back to LJ as a whole yet, especially the graphics making part. But I will return one day! I can see it! (LOL) Anyways, I hope everyone's doing great!

As for me.. well it's been kinda messed up(mentally haha) - not surprising, still in college, I have about 1 year and 4 months left - provided if I don't fail again. Yes I failed a subject previous semester because I fucked up, got depressed somehow, and now I'm repeating this subject. So far it feels better because not only it's a smaller class just for repeat students, the lecturer is more helpful than ever, and I can see myself improving a little(of course! I'm a repeat student afterall LOL). Got quite a big compliment last week :P

So, I've gotta run again now. Later! :3
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I'm doing another friends cut soon. Should be around this weekend. But please, no hard feelings. If we really don't click in any way, or if we don't even have interest in each other's entries, I don't see why we should keep each other haha. You're always welcome to talk to me through Private Message, email or whichever. I'm always open for friendly conversations. :D

And MOST of all, PLEASE DO NOT assume that I remove you because of other people's opinions, dramas, friend's influence, something personal, or maybe because we never really commented on each other's entries. I just feel like keeping those who I'm more connected with, not just graphics or business to business thing. Also keep in mind that, not everyone is able to mix well with each other. Most inactive journals will be removed, but if you are back in LJ, feel free to comment and add me back! :) I just felt like cleaning and being more organized around here. Don't hate me? :( ♥

UPDATE: The cut is done. All the best in everything and take care! :D If you wanna be friends and try again, you're welcome to comment/message me about it :)!!
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882☠ To makers!

I'm going to have to delete all of my custom userpics(icons) and maybe some stock/other userpics. I want to reupload them all & reorganize again. I'm posting this so that makers won't misunderstood that I requested without using the icons(especially latest ones) they made me. LOL. So yeah. I wanted to do this for a while now since I felt messy haha! ;) It will be finished asap! ♥ Weee! I love being organized LOL. It's all done now! Yay! お疲れ me! ♥
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I just did another friends cut. I removed over almost 20 people haha. Most of them don't update and not active anymore. If you were to come back to LJ and be active again, let me know ♥ To be honest I have missed some of you when we used to talk a lot last time. No hard feelings ;x I just want to clean up a bit. ^-^)/ But seriously, if we don't click at all - if we don't even comment on each others' entries why keep me? :P Don't hesitate to remove me if so. :D I'm not a whiny bitch haha. I feel like I'm skipping quite a number of entries sometimes I feel like a lurker lolol. Sometimes I don't even know what to say. 8|
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774★ F-cut!

Okay so I just did another friends cut. Most of them removed are really inactive ones that are gone for months and months. And some is.. I feel like I don't remember who you are LOL. I don't mean anything offensive, just trying to clean up a little. If you are removed and decided to come back and be active, and if you want to become friends again just let me know ♥ I appreciate it! :D Might do another one of these again soon, if I'm in the devil mode. *ngehehehehe* Ah and of course if you wanna do a reverse f-cut, don't hold back. I'm not doing a good job in commenting either and I'm always horrible for that. I won't hold a grudge, cause drama or make you an enemy(maybe a little sad but it's okay) LOL. This I promise ♥ *bows*